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Taking It Up The Bum Does Not Make You Gay

That’s right, straight guys!

Anal sex, in all its varieties, has become increasingly popular for straight men over the past century. And it’s not hard to understand why: There’s a g-spot in the male arsehole!

But despite the biological normalcy of it all, too many straight men fear the labels they’ll get from taking it up the bum. Whether you love getting fingered, filled up or fisted by a woman, you have nothing to worry about. It’s not gay.

The only time it would possibly make you gay is if you let another man do it to you. And that’s because being gay means you are attracted to the same sex.

It has nothing to do with your sexual proclivities.

Even pegging ain’t gay!

“What is pegging?” you ask?

Well, pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on and pounds the hell out of her man. And it’s quite popular among straight men.

It’s also closely related to plugging, which is when a woman just uses a dildo on her man. It’s more popular than you think.

I must make this abundantly clear: being rammed with a dildo by your lady friend is not gay. Even if she’s got it strapped on over her vagina. Of course, if you’re getting rammed by a man and you like it, then perhaps you might just be a homo. But not when it’s a woman.

It doesn’t make you weak, either!

There’s an unofficial quote in the gay world that goes: “It takes balls to sit on a dick.” And that goes to show how anal play must not be misconstrued as an emasculating activity.

Especially for beginners. 

The sphincter will stretch, of course, but it does require a bit of coaxing. And for first-timers, it can feel slightly painful. It ain’t recommended for weaklings.

On top of this, taking it up the bum does not mean you’re being submissive. To explain, I’d like to introduce you to the terms “top” and “bottom”.

In the gay world, we refer to men who do the fucking as tops and the ones who like getting fucked as bottoms. But these terms are not influenced by submissiveness and dominance.

You can be a submissive top or a dominant bottom if you wish. And either way, it won’t affect your masculinity. All it tells us is which way you love to be pleasured.

And as a bottom taking it up the bum, you can lay on the bed and let your lady pound you with the strap-on or you can take control and ride your lady as she lies down on her back.

It’s all totally up to you!

A final word on sexual health

Anal sex comes with added health risks that you should be aware of. Many STIs are highly transmittable through anal sex, most especially anal penetration. So it is vital to keep yourself safe from unwanted transmissions.

The most effective way to prevent STIs is by using a condom and changing them between penetrations. This is especially true if you and your lady are sharing the same dildo.

When fingering, be sure your fingers are free from abrasions. And be sure the arsehole is free from warts before rimming.

Also, be sure to douche before any penetration to prevent unwelcome guests from making an appearance. If you need help, read this colourful and highly detailed article from Sex Toy Collective.

And finally, be generous with the lube!

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