Masks. Image: Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash

Wanna Be The Cause Of Someone’s Death?

You could be if you don’t wear a mask…

As a gay man, it’s recommended that I regularly get tested for STIs. On top of this, I should slip on a condom if I’m going all the way and ask about the sexual health status of any prospective fucks. And I do these things not JUST for my own health, but for all my future sex partners, too. Because I don’t feel like being the culprit.

So why are so many of you actively refusing to wear a mask? Do you really want to be the cause of someone’s death?

I mean, look, some of my sexcapades are with people I’m probably never gonna fuck again, yet I still take precautions for their sake as well as my own. However, some of you are pretty okay with the idea that you might be the cause of your grandfather’s death. Or even your father’s. Or your mother’s. Or your son or daughter. Or perhaps that cheery nonna who runs the bakery down the street.

You think your right not to wear a mask is infinitely more important than the right to live. And that just doesn’t sit well with me. Because you’re essentially acting as a possible accomplice in someone else’s death.

The irony here is that . The woman should give birth to her child, regardless of how she got pregnant, the chance of her own impending death or if she has the means to support a newborn baby. That’s the pro-life mantra. But immunocompromised youth who may hold the cure for cancer? Or elderly grandmothers who are the source of light for their children? Ah, that’s not your problem! Don’t need to wear a mask for them…

You are no better than the men and women who knowingly spread STIs. I say this because you know that there is a pandemic going on around the world (if you don’t, you’re living under a rock!) and yet you won’t follow the basic protocol of wearing a mask.

It’s just a fucking mask!

Nobody’s asking you to shove a bowling ball up your cloaca. Or stuff your throat with a breathing apparatus. Just wear a mask!

If not for yourself, at least for your loved ones. Do you really want to live the rest of your life knowing that you are the reason your mother died? Do you?

Seriously, suck up your pride and wear a mask!

Also, Fuck Your 5G Conspiracy!

If you are so inept at utilising your mind that you cannot properly research , let alone , then you need to have your internet license revoked. China is  telecommunications and yet they’re doing  with COVID-19. This could likely be down to the fact that the wearing of masks in China (and Japan, too, which also has VERY low active cases) is .

Please, stop trying to find a way to be relevant and research properly. This includes reconsidering what some loonies are saying on the interwebs.

And once you’ve accomplished that, WEAR A MASK!

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