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It’s Okay To Burden Your Workplace and Self-Isolate

What’s more important: going to work sick and hoping they make a bit more money OR preventing unwanted deaths of your relatives, friends and local community members? It’s not a hard choice.

And yet, some people think it is…

Let’s be honest here: unless you’re working on something groundbreaking like the cure for cancer, the work you do is not entirely important. You can take a few days off and clear yourself with a test. You can self-isolate for two weeks and save the vulnerable people in your community from an excruciating death.

It’s not your fault your workplace has a poor supply of employees, to the point that self-isolating yourself will be a burden on the other staff. And sometimes it’s not their fault either. Money is tight right now for a lot of people and many businesses. But it’s not worth risking the lives of others simply so your boss can make a bit more money.

The economy is not your responsibility.

It’s The Government’s Responsibility!

If the government can’t grow a spine and properly tax the billionaires so the economy can flow better, then the economy will never work for us. You can’t rely on a trickle-down effect if most of the money is being siphoned by the few. Because a trickle-down effect relies on billionaires and trillionaires to actively let their money go. And that just doesn’t happen.

The economy spectrum, between ultra-rich and poor, sits on a river that’s been loaded with dams. And the money we spend is simply being thrown back up the river. If we continue with this siphoning-style of capitalism, the lower-end of the river will eventually run dry.

So Be Selfish And Save Yourself!

Don’t work yourself to death for a job that can replace you in a heartbeat.

Honestly, life is not about making money — it’s about living! It’s about experiencing planet earth in all it’s wondrous glory. It’s the small things and sometimes it’s the big things. But getting a skinny decaf latte for some hipster twat is not important. And selling a suit to another stock-standard accountant is not paramount to the future of human existence.

You’re not being a burden by calling in sick. You’re being a saviour! And if you get fired for it, then that just goes to show how important you were to your workplace. You don’t need that kind of negativity…

Please, if you’re sick or feeling any symptoms, get tested and stay home. And then feel good knowing you’ve likely saved someone from an unnecessary death.

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