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The Art Of Being A Successful Floater In Life

When everyone strives to box themselves into various facets of human existence, I like to drift through them. And that makes me a floater. But being a floater is not akin to being lazy; in fact, it’s a different form of being busy. While most of the world strives for consistency, I allow myself the freedom to swim within the ever-flowing categories of life. To go with the flow, if you will.

Take politics, for example. I don’t like to sit on either side, I like to float along the spectrum. Because I know that everything in life – whether social, economical or legal – is subject to different rules and ethics. And that’s essentially what being a floater entails. The freedom to observe, discern and decide as a pure individual.

But there’s an art to being a successful floater. You can’t go your whole life drifting aimlessly everywhere. Sooner or later, you need to follow that crowd. You need to make a living, you need to keep worthwhile friends and you need to belong somewhere.

So float with purpose

It’s no use drifting through life without some form of a compass. You need to have direction or else you’ll be floating on boundless seas. How can you go with the flow when there’s no flow to go with?

So go out and find your purpose. Are you a teacher? Are you a leader? Do you love creating or simply nurturing? Or do you yearn to learn about everything? Find you’re life passions and pursue them.

But remember, you don’t need to sink your teeth in and focus solely on that path. You are still allowed to dream of different pastures and let your mind wander. That’s the beauty of being a true drifter. You’re not beholden to the sheep around you.

Of course, there will be times where you have to drive in the fast lane. Or even succumb to the crowd mentality. And it’s important to allow this, especially for the purpose of progression. They feed your soul and allow you to experience belongingness on this woefully distant planet.

But, in order to enjoy that floating world, you need to be part of it. You need to be able to remove yourself from the confines of reality and allow yourself to think, and feel, independently.

Because that’s the beauty of being a floater; you get to witness sides of the world that many people may not.

Allow your mind to wander freely

I can never imagine myself having a closed mind. Suffering in a bubble surrounded by the same likeminded people. And that’s why I yearn for experiences; I love diving into new cultures and finding new ways to think about things. It’s my meaning of life.

This is essentially what being a floater is about: Floating in a world that’s filled with endless possibilities. Finding new flows and feeding new ideas. And plucking the worthwhile opportunities every once in a while.

There’s so much difference in this world that we should all strive to escape our boxes. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Feature Image: Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

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