Donald Trump. Image: Roya Ann Miller on Unsplash

Dear Trump Supporters: He Lost. Get Over It

I feel like the realistic friend sitting down with their heartbroken buddy and telling them she isn’t worth getting emotional over. But, as we’ve seen with the riots at Capitol Hill, it’s safe to say that y’all have issues…

Of course, it’s not a loving relationship you’re looking for. It’s not like your soon-to-be former president Donald Trump is going to hug you tightly and tell you he’s sorry and that he desperately wants you back. You were looking to drain the swamp and make America great again. Am I right?!

So you’ve held onto hope that Donald Trump would do just that. But, after these four years in office, he’s yet to drain the swamp. In fact, he’s done a better job of draining his own administration – from resignations to terminations!

And does America really look great again? Look, I know the virus is an anomaly here, but his management is clearly nonexistent. The US economy is going to hell in a handbasket. And the country is on the verge of civil war, with the root cause being Donald Trump.

Of course, I must digress here… I need you to know that I am not a leftist. Politically, I am a centrist. Because I know that capitalism requires socialism to survive. And that’s not a far-fetched idea, because America already practices socialism. You have paid firefighters, right? And libraries. And a welfare system. And some form of public healthcare. With these socialist ideals, capitalism can thrive on a more ethical level.

I need you to know this because it helps me frame this next statement:

I don’t hate Donald Trump. He’s done some good things as president. Such as meeting with Kim Jong Un to discuss denuclearisation and creating some peace in the Middle East.

But I don’t like him either. In fact, I’m rather indifferent to him. And I wish you all were, too – on both sides of the political spectrum. Because he’s really not all that amazing; he just speaks well for a businessman. And at this rate, he’s conned half of you into following him religiously in his guerrilla marketing campaign.

You are sheep. Just like the far-left who are sheep in following a stream of hatred towards Trump.

My advice? Don’t be sheep. Don’t blindly follow your leader. Don’t listen to one side of the media landscape. Do your own actual research that isn’t through QAnon or some other clearly conservative channel. Read all sides of the news.

And for God’s sake, get over the fact that Trump lost. It may actually save America from another unnecessary civil war. Instead, be thankful for the time you’ve had with him in the first place.

However amazing that time was…

Feature image: Roya Ann Miller on Unsplash

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