Randy Rainbow

Randy Rainbow’s Best Parodies During The Trump Era

And so we’ve come to the end of an era that is almost bittersweet – because as much as Trump has been a headache on our news feeds, we’ve had some great entertainment throughout. Most especially from the musical extraordinaire Randy Rainbow.

His parodies of the Trump era are juicy concoctions of comedy, helping many of us navigate the weird and wacky statements and actions of America’s now-former president Donald Trump.

Within those parody videos are 10 of my absolute favourites. They are lyrically clever and exquisitely performed, with all the bitchy sass you’d ever need to quell your raging mind.

Without further ado, let’s wrap this baby up…

Ya Got Trump Trouble!

Randy Rainbow took to the social media stage even before Trump got elected. He shared his dire warnings of what was to come, from crooked tweets to tiny hands, in a musical melody to the tune of Ya Got Trouble from Music Man. If you ask me, Randy painted the next four years rather perfectly.

Covfefe: The Broadway Musical

Oh, remember covfefe? It was a Trumpian slip of the thumb, possibly meant to be an abbreviation of “conference”. But who could be sure? So Randy decided to puzzle the question in this magical Broadway medley titled Covfefe: The Broadway Musical!

Desperate Cheeto

Following his growing newfound fame, Randy decided to create fake interview videos with Trump to help lead his way into fabulous tunes. With Desperate Cheeto, a clear parody of Despacito, the comedian songwriter levelled Trump with melodic sass, calling him the “colour of the sign outside Home Depot.”

A Very Stable Genius

If there’s one video that shows the extent of Randy’s masterful song rewriting, it’s this one. A Very Stable Genius is pure comedy gold and extremely quick-witted. When Trump made the pompous (and superfluous) claim that he is a “very stable genius”, Randy just couldn’t wait to snap back.

Trump’s Favourite Things

And then we finally got to meet those now-famous pink cats-eye glasses! In Trump’s Favourite Things, Randy Rainbow shares everything that Trump likes, hoping to quell his bad mood. We can’t be sure that he succeeded, but it does make for a good laugh!

Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar

Following a live media cross, Trump claimed that he was the Chosen One. We originally thought he was chosen by Rolling Hills Asylum, but he actually believed that God chose him. Well, Randy was quick to put him on a pedestal and then sequentially knock him off it in Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar.

Spoonful of Clorox

In what would have to be the quickest turnaround for a song, Randy rewrote and sung this song following Trump’s weird suggestion that injecting bleach may kill coronavirus (among other things). This song came out a day later and is lyrically wonderful in every way. Seriously, only Randy could rhyme “hydroxychloroquine” with ease.

Cover Your Freakin’ Face

As we surged through 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic, one thing was becoming clear: masks do work. In fact, they are much better than wearing nothing at all. Regardless, Trump refused to wear one and so he caught Covid-19 a month later (cue rolling eyes). But before he caught it, Randy did offer some sound advice.


In the early days of January 2021, between Biden’s election win and his inauguration, Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill. A day later, we were all witness to a new word: SEDITION! And Randy Rainbow saw his prey and gave the world a masterful parody. For those who don’t know, sedition means “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.”

Seasons of Trump

Can you believe it’s been two million a hundred two thousand four hundred minutes of Donald J Trump as President? It sounds worse than four years. But Randy finished off his scathing attack on Trump with a wonderful song that sums up the past four years of America.

BONUS: Social Distance

He’s great with lyrics, but there’s one song that really showcases Randy’s greatest asset: his voice box. In Social Distance, Randy stands up and states that he will social distance and stay the fuck inside, which is by far the best way to limit the spread of coronavirus.

If I haven’t mentioned one of your favourite Randy Rainbow parodies, feel free to pop it in the comments below!

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