Golden Gaytime. Image: Christopher Kelly

Don’t Knock My Golden Gaytimes!

The media love to blow a trivial news story out of proportion.

Following the renaming of branded products like Coon Cheese and Red Skins, some radical gay activist launched a petition that wasn’t really making waves at all. In fact, it still isn’t. But now thanks to a media blitz, the fate of the Golden Gaytime is shaky. And I think it’s all utterly stupid.

I could easily understand renaming Red Skins and Coon Cheese since those names are derogatory. But Gaytimes? In my lexical knowledge of gay, it’s always been a positive word. And for the gay community, it’s added excitement. “I’m having a Golden Gaytime!” we say. A slight wink and the pun is knowingly intended. Not as a joke, but for fun.

Because, for gay people, gaytimes are every day!

Which makes me wonder: what is the motive of this radical gay activist? Is he really offended by the word gay? Does he really take it as a run-on joke? Or is someone seeking their five minutes of fame?

In my discerning, I think it’s attention seeking. How could anyone be offended by the word gay? Even as a reference to homosexuality, it is still positive.

But the consequences are more than just a name change. It paints gay people in a negative light. As if we are all prissy queens who get offended by everything, even something as inoffensive as the word gay. And I will not have it!

I will not have some gay radical activist change a name on behalf of me. Regardless of his reasons. The Golden Gaytime is part of gay history, and it transcends gay history. It’s way more than just a name. It’s our way of coming out. And sometimes we smile at the idea of straight people having a Gaytime, too.

For us gays, every day is a gay time, made more so when we have a Golden Gaytime. Show your support and buy a Golden Gaytime today! And maybe even sign this petition instead, which is doing so much better than the anti-Golden Gaytime one.

Also, as a side note, could the media stop magnifying insignificant news stories like this? Thanks…

Feature image: Christopher Kelly

One thought on “Don’t Knock My Golden Gaytimes!

  1. I know a straight guy who is offended that gay has come to mean homosexual. He is a devout Christian and doesn’t like the fact that the word has been “twisted.” There will always be those people, unfortunately, who choose to be offended by anything.


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