Gay men can you tell

3 Things That DON’T Make You Gay

While we live in a progressive world where sexuality is just another thing, some people still think you can catch gay. That acting feminine or liking certain sexual positions are telltale signs you bat for the same team. But, as we will soon learn, being gay is just a personal identity. Only you can make that mark.

That being said, here are three things that DON’T make you gay:

Having a limp wrist

The stereotype that gay men are girly is stupid. For one, what constitutes “girly”? Do genitals dictate personality traits? Doubtful. In fact, not all women are limp-wristed, not even the totally straight ones. Some girls prefer to wear pants and drink beer and punch people – as if that constitutes being a man.

The fact is, gay people are purely attracted to the same sex. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with personality types and limp wrists. Same gay men are butch as fuck, and yes, some lesbians are prissy queens. In fact, I know a handful of straight guys who are feminine as fuck, whilst loving the idea of munching pussy.

Just remember: masculinity and femininity are social constructs, fueled by ongoing patriarchy and believed by sheep. Are you a sheep?

Loving bum fun

Peach Bum Butt Ass
Image: Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Pegging was once a hidden sexual act, but is now finding the light of day. A lot of men love using dildos, which is not surprising considering every man has a g-spot up his arsehole. But whether you get your lady friend to plug your hole or you do it yourself, taking it up the bum is not gay. If it were, wouldn’t a lot of lesbians go straight again?

No, as noted, sexuality is all about the attraction. It is not about what position gets you off. You could stretch your rear with a pair of lady fists if you wish, and that would not make you gay – especially considering the fact you got a lady to do it.

But, we could go even further…

Having sex with the same sex

Attraction isn’t concrete. It’s more than just simple aesthetics and common values. Sometimes it could be as simple as regularly meeting the same person. And other times, it all boils down to ‘any hole’s a goal’.

Sex is just sex. It’s a means to end. Most of the time it’s sensual release, other times it’s for procreation. But sex never dictates your orientation.

Walking through the woods doesn’t make you lost, only you can make that decision. Which means you can have sex with the same sex and not be gay. Perhaps you’re just curious? Or maybe you just needed to get off and the only available option was your gay friend. As long as you’re getting your rocks off, why worry?

All in all, the only thing that makes you gay is you. It’s your decision to take on that identity. No one else can make that decision for you.

Mind you, if you really love romping with the same sex, it could be something to look into…

Feature image: Photo by Sushil Nash on Unsplash

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