Take Yourself On A Date

It may seem weird going on a date by yourself, but that’s only because we live in a social society. We fear the label of ‘Loner’ as if it’s a terrible thing. But all those people who label others as such are controlled by that fear themselves. Or they don’t love themselves enough. They require constant affection from others to feel good. So I implore you to ignore them.

Last Thursday, I spent the whole day by myself in Sydney CBD. I visited two museums, strolled around the botanic gardens and had a nice lunch, all on my own. And while that seems daunting, even sad, to me it was blissful. It’s only sad and daunting if you let it be that way. I lapped up the sunshine and did what I wanted to do. I wasn’t reigned in by a group of friends. I was truly free.

In fact, it’s actually empowering to love yourself so much that you’re willing to go alone. How is it even a negative thing? Taking yourself on a date is the epitome of self love. It’s a strength, because it shows the world that you are comfortable on your own. You are independent. You don’t need anyone to have a good time, just you and your own quirky mind.

Even if you are alone in this world, there’s always someone who truly loves you. And that’s you. And when you love yourself, it’s up to you to treat yourself every chance you get. So take yourself on a date.

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