Curiosity Is Not A Reason To Know Someone’s Genitals

For far too long, the world has placed enormous importance on someone’s sex. So much so that we would treat people differently if they were a man or a woman. Indeed, with progression, we’ve come to learn that someone’s sex is not an overarching factor in someone’s character. You can have a vagina and lead a Fortune 500 company and, equally, you can have a cock and still be allowed to cry. Who knew?!

Unfortunately, while progression has come so far, we have too many people who still place so much emphasis on genitals. They want to know for the sake of knowing, which likely stems from the patriarchy where someone’s sex determines how they are treated. Because, according to historical imbeciles, women were too weak to deal with macho behaviour and men could tolerate just about anything!

Oh how wrong they were…

Cue a few centuries later, and we’ve slowly come to realise that women are just as capable of achieving anything as men are. And that not all men are as strong-minded as we thought they were.

But now, with gender becoming a growing selection – from non-binary to everything else in between and elsewhere – there’s still too many of us who cannot accept that genitals do not define gender. Yes, they do define someone’s sex, but does everyone need to know what genitals you have? I wouldn’t think so. Not unless they’re going to do anything with them.

In saying that, there are only two people in your life that need to know what genitals you have. They are your doctor and anyone you’re bonking. For everyone else, it’s not really needed. As for trans people, a doctor is the only person who needs to know their biological sex.

Gender, however, is a public statement. And that’s all you need to know. If someone wants to be non-binary and referred to as they/them, what’s it to you? It doesn’t change anything. You don’t really need to know what their packing in order to converse with them. As I’ve said, many times, we are much more than just some of our parts.

And please remember that it is just them. You can still call yourself a macho man if you wish – or a girly girl. You can still refer to groups of women as “women”. And if you wish to let everyone know that you’ve got a big dick, that is your right and prerogative as a human being.

But not everyone places that much emphasis on their own genitals, and I wish some of you would respect that.

In the end, genitals are only for doctors and bonk buddies to know, while gender is for everyone. I mean, didn’t we call them private parts once upon a time?

Feature image: Dainis Graveris on Sexual Alpha

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