Image: Giorgio Trovato via Unsplash

All You Need Is A Glass Of Water

The miracle elixir…

It’s amazing how water, with the simple construct of hydrogen and oxygen, is the elixir of life. One of its primary roles is to flush out our kidneys of the waste it creates. Water also helps keep our minds sharp; without enough of it, we feel drained — both literally and figuratively. And while we all know this, there always comes a time when we seemingly forget. Even I have to remind myself that perhaps all I need is just a glass of water.

One of my recent challenges is reducing stress, and this is hard when the cause of it is out of my control. Currently, I’m in lockdown in Sydney, Australia, with current trends predicting that it could be extended until September. How can you remain calm with awful news like that?

Mentally, it’s a challenge. But I can control the physical symptoms. The aches, the cramps, the lethargy. And all I need is a glass of water. This is because much of the physical symptoms around stress are exacerbated by dehydration, and dehydration is a factor that arises from stress since it uses up our internal supply of water. In short, it’s an insidious spiral, with the only remedy being a glass of water.

But hydration is not the only remedy that water offers. It also helps flush out waste. And this is no surprise considering water is the main ingredient when cleaning anything. When you soak a frypan that is caked in a crispy layer of fat, the water eventually softens the fat and makes it easier to scrub off. With that in mind, could you imagine what water does inside your body? It will soften all the harsh waste and make it easier to expel.

One has to agree that getting rid of waste is a great way to feel good. When you tidy up your room and get rid of all the excess baggage, you will almost always feel better. You are not hunkered down anymore; you’re free! And if this can happen before your eyes, imagine how you’d feel when the negative energy within you is cleared.

Water also takes up space within our stomachs, which helps suppress a wild appetite. And if there’s one nasty symptom of stress, it is comfort eating. When we stress, we seek quick comforts, and the quintessential treat is sugary food. This isn’t an ideal option because eating sugar is one surefire way to get dehydrated. And then you feel like crap again. Of course, while the best option is to avoid sugary food, it’s not always successful. But filling your stomach with something beneficial like water means you have less room for all the bad stuff.

So perhaps your shitty feeling today isn’t actually stress. Perhaps it’s just your body, mind and spirit yearning for a drop of the miracle elixir. To hydrate the senses, to flush out the negative energy and replace it with the positive.

Perhaps all you need is just a glass of water.

Feature Image: Giorgio Trovato via Unsplash

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