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I’m Pro-Vax and Pro-Choice, But Not A Professional Doctor

I wish all those who spread their misinformation about Covid-19 would be as honest as I am. We are not medical professionals! Our best understanding of Covid-19 relies upon how well we research — but even after a good day of research, we will never be at the same level as medical professionals. They have years of expertise under their belt.

And yet, even with our limited knowledge, some of us still think Covid-19 is a hoax or that vaccines are ineffective. And almost always, their best evidence is anecdotal.

The fact is, while anecdotes are interesting, they don’t provide the full picture:

“My friend got covid and survived!”
And what about those who died?

“My grandmother got a vaccine and died!”
And what about those who survived?

“I got corona three times and I’m still alive!”
And what about those who caught it once and died?

But, I have to admit, sometimes they do provide actual sources. Unfortunately, they are never from medical professionals, and usually from blogs or certain news outlets. You see, I’ve learned to take mainstream news with a grain of salt—especially concerning Covid-19 — and that’s mostly because all those journalists are trained in journalism; not medical science.

Of course, most of their information comes from reputable doctors. But even then, some journalists are known to chop and change a story to create juicy conflict. Because conflict sells. But this could come at a cost to accurate information.

I know this because I studied journalism. Indeed, while a vast majority of journalists uphold the integrity of journalism practice — including balanced reporting — their lack of medical expertise could cause them to overlook vital information. It’s not their fault, of course, but it can happen.

And, like any other industry, you’re bound to find a few rotten apples. Even some medical experts can be rotten apples, which explains the few who also think Covid-19 is a hoax.

Skepticism is Critical

I was called a sheep on Facebook the other day simply for getting a vaccine. Apparently, I am too easily influenced. The irony here is that I was telling him to be skeptical and not believe everything he reads on social media.

But apparently, I am the sheep…

Look, I’m willing to accept that Covid-19 is less dangerous than we thought, but I’ve yet to see any actual evidence that proves this. So far, from what I’m seeing, hospitals are being overrun with Covid-19 patients, with a majority of them being unvaccinated. And it’s not just happening here in Australia, but also the United States, the United Kingdom, and across the world.

If Covid-19 really is a hoax, how can so many people be in on it?

And also, why would any government go into lockdown when it clearly doesn’t give them any benefit. Jobs dwindle, citizens get mentally strained, and the economy takes a beating. There is no good reason for a government to impose a lockdown. And if you think they’re stealing your freedom, why would they start with a complete lockdown? It’s not even worth doing in a communist country.

Honestly, it pays to be a little skeptical. Don’t be a sheep; do your research properly. Be critical with the information you seek. Evaluate the source, see how it holds up with other information, and allow yourself a variety of informed opinions. And by informed opinions, I mean actual experts, not anecdotes from friends or rants from influencers.

With Covid-19, an expert would be a medical professional. You know, someone who went to medical school for 5+ years and whose actual job is to save your life. They are the sources I’ve sought out, through medical journals and organisations, as well as my local GP.

The fact is, if we can’t trust medical professionals with accurate Covid-19 information, then how can we trust inexperienced ranters on social media?

I am pro-vax, but I am also pro-choice. I believe everyone should have complete body autonomy. It’s your body, your choice.

But your choice should not come at a cost to others. So long as you’re not a medical professional, you cannot pretend to have the authority to speak about Covid-19.

And if you want the authority, I suggest you go to medical school.

Feature image: bruce mars on Unsplash

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