Decisions what to do when you don't know what to do

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Whether you’re stuck on a life-changing decision or mulling over daily activities, knowing what to do feels like a debilitating question. Do you take on that new job or stick with your current one? Do you want to watch that movie or do you feel like doing something else?

I’ve been in lockdown for over two months now, and while I’ve got my writing and daily chores to keep me occupied, it’s hard to find things to do in my downtime when my choices are quite limited. Anything related to the outside world revolves around going for a walk or visiting the grocery store, so much of my downtime is spent at home.

And the fact remains that I will always have a choice.

But it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. In fact, it’s only difficult because you’re making it difficult. You are thinking too much about the what-ifs. And if you think too much about the what-ifs, then you’ll never know if they’ll come true.

Maybe taking on that job really will suck, but you won’t know if you don’t take it. As the Chinese Proverb goes: “He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.” So perhaps the best solution to your problem is to stop thinking about it and take your first step.

Yes, it’s still a hard decision nonetheless; but decisions are designed to be made — not incessantly mulled over. If you’re worried your new job will be shit, but you still want to take it, then mitigate the consequences. Make sure you have a backup plan in case your fear comes true.

And if you’re stuck in lockdown with little to do, then your best bet is doing whatever comes to mind. Maybe you’ve had a curious thought today and you’ve yet to explore it. Perhaps there’s a new movie that you wanted to watch. Or you could bask in the beauty of lying in bed while listening to music.

It really is okay to do nothing at all.

So, what can you do if you don’t know what to do? Stop thinking and start planning! Do something instead of thinking yourself to death. Some decisions may require a decent amount of thought, and you should spend some time thinking about it. Seek out experienced people, weigh up the pros and cons, sleep on it if you have to. But don’t let it dry out your intentions.

The fact is, you’ve come to this decision for a reason. And more often than not, you’re gut feeling already has the answer.

Trust yourself and take that first step.

Feature image: Burst on Unsplash

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