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All Clothes Are Gender Neutral

I actually wear a bra for much the same reason as women do. I wear them to hold up my fake breasts when I’m in drag. You see, some of the dresses I own aren’t tight enough to hold my teardrop tits in place, and so wearing a bra means they can stay put when I galivant across a stage.

And who’s to say that I can’t? A bra is essentially a piece of fabric, usually designed to hold boobs in place — but some bras are more for show. In fact, many drag queens have worn bedazzled bras without inserting fake tits. The end goal is create the naughtiness of being in a bra.

On top of this, if I’m wearing a revealing dress, I’ll wear a G-string over the top of two layers of sheer-to-waist tights, purely so I can avoid the barbie doll look. You know, when the doll is completely nude and it has nothing down there. If the audience accidentally get a glimpse of my downstairs, they’ll see a lacy thong instead of sheer nothingness.*

*I mean, as well as the tights, I have two layers of underwear to tuck away my manly bits; if anyone caught a glimpse of my crotch, it would be sheer nothingness. How boring!

But even though I have my reasons for wearing ladies undergarments, is it necessary to even have a reason? It’s just a piece of fabric, after all. Yes, wearing a ladies thong when I’m not tucked wouldn’t be practical — my manly bits won’t be held in place and it will surely be a tad uncomfortable — but what’s it to you? No sane male would walk out in public with just a lacy thong because it would be indecent exposure. You get fined and jailed for doing that.

In fact, from what I gather, the issue of men wearing supposedly women’s clothes is not about indecent exposure, but because some of you seem to think that clothes should be gendered to the appropriate body type. I noticed this following Lil Nas X’s appearance at the VMA awards on Sunday.

So many people got grossed out because it was a guy — who made no attempt at assuming the typical female form — dressed in a lilac-coloured outfit that looked feminine. And not just any guy, but a man who has full-on masculine abs and strikingly manly facial features; chiseled jawline, slicing cheekbones, and a cool moustache.

What? Are you worried you might get turned on by it? As if that’s a big concern to have nowadays. And honestly, if you found his look repulsive, perhaps that’s a clear sign you might not be attracted to him.

Or are you worried your kids will see it and want to dress as such? Oh no, it’s the end of the world if that happens! Or is it? As I said before, it’s just a piece of fabric. How about stop controlling your child’s every decision and let them be kids. I did crazier shit when I was a kid compared to wearing a dress.

Look, the thing is, all clothes are gender neutral. Some of them may be shaped for female or male forms, but they are all pieces of fabric in the end.

Not only that, but even history challenges the notion that dresses and skirts are for women. Men have been wearing skirts, high heels and even glamourous jewellery since the advent of fashion. Hell, many of them wore just as much makeup as women.

In the end, having a fear of men wearing women’s clothes — even if they are still manly — is an irrational fear that needs to be checked. All clothes are gender neutral and that’s a fact.

Yes, I am certain that you will wear the clothes that match your gender and sex; that is your prerogative. You have every right to dress however you wish. Even I prefer to dress in men’s clothing when out of drag. But, don’t you think you should afford that same freedom towards those who want to dress how they wish? After all, it doesn’t harm you in any way.

And if you think it harms you, it’s only because you make it.

Stop getting torn up about a piece of fabric. It’s just weird.

Feature image: Henry & Co. on Unsplash

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One thought on “All Clothes Are Gender Neutral

  1. Whatever happened to basic law of “opposites attract”? Aren’t clothes of a different type just an expression of how we want others to imagine & treat ourselves? lol I’m JEALOUS ’cause you ‘girls’ just seem to be having too much fun!


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