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Strive For Your Goals With This In Mind

When we visualise our past successes, as many people recommend, we feel temporarily proud. But this rarely spurs us into action because we don’t want to replicate our past results — we want better results!

And if we visualise our future goals, as others recommend, it swells our desires but almost always crushes our actions. Because we will eventually notice the plethora of steps we need to take to get there. It becomes too much.

And unless we have time travel, the future will remain a dream and the past will remain a memory.

This then leaves the present moment — the only part of our lives which we can control. This is the moment we must visualise because it can tell us all we need to know. More specifically on our current activities.

Because when you take stock of the things you are doing right now, you can both lift yourself up and possibly uncover necessary insight.

Are you doing enough?

You know the feeling: welcome to another day where you achingly search for inspiration. Where your goals look like a false oases in the desert and you struggle to reignite your momentum. A day where giving up crosses your mind.

As a creative writer, I’ve had many of these days. This is especially true when I’m still yet to achieve my big break. But there’s always one thing that helps me stay the course, and that is knowing I’m doing enough right now.

Chances are, if you’re truly passionate about your goals, you’ll be doing plenty right now. That, in itself, is something to be proud of. And it’s a good thing to remember because it can cast away the doubts of whether you can succeed.

Yes, life is uncertain, and it may take longer for some people to succeed than others. And some people may succeed better than others. But one thing is for certain: you can only succeed if you are doing something.

So if you’re doing enough to reach your goals, then that is enough. Stop worrying about whether you’ll reach them and keep going. Push yourself to do more if you have to, but don’t fret about not reaching your goals. Fretting only leads to inaction.

Of course, sometimes the things we are doing are not enough. Or maybe we’re not doing it right. Or maybe we need to do something else entirely. To remedy this, you need to visualise the present moment to understand your next step.

What Are You Doing?

Your past and your future may not be controllable — nor can it be the catalyst for your day — but they can tell you certain things about your current moment. Your past can show you your faults, revealing better tactics for the current moment. And focusing on your future can help you reposition the cross hairs.

So it’s important to keep the past and the future in the back of your mind, ready for evaluating your current position. But in order to make change, you need to have the present moment at the front of your mind. Because this is what you can control and what can drive your day.

Be ready to evaluate the present moment.

For me, I can honestly say that I am writing enough. And I’m writing well because plenty of people gravitate towards my work and enjoy it. But I have realised lately that one area I need to work on is promoting my blog. Primarily around email marketing and connecting with other bloggers.

But that’s my interpretation of my present moment.

Hopefully now that you’re focusing on your present moment, as well as keeping in mind the past and future, you have realised what you need to change to reach your goals. Maybe it’s undertaking new study. Maybe you need to reach out to people. Or maybe you just need to do more.

But, at the end of the day, you should be proud of what you are doing right now. If anything, it’s a good indication that you are on the right path. And that’s more than enough!

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