Covid-19 Vaccine Discrimination Prejudice

Dear Anti-Vaxxers: You Are Not Being Discriminated Against

I’m a lowercase liberal, in that I believe everyone should have the freedom to be, to say, and to do what they wish — provided you don’t adversely affect others. I also believe in “your body, your choice” — provided your actions are made on the best advice. This is why I say you should consult your doctor when it comes to Covid-19 vaccines rather than fame-hungry influencers on social media. It’s also why I got double vaccinated, because I don’t want to be the catalyst for someone’s death.

But the irony is that many anti-vaxxers are shouting these same liberal arguments, claiming vaccine discrimination. Apparently not being allowed to participate in certain freedoms that double-vaccinated individuals are now enjoying is a form of prejudice. So much so that some anti-vaxxers are comparing vaccine discrimination to the holocaust.

First of all, the holocaust killed over 6 million people, mostly because they were Jewish, and sometimes because they were black, gay, a gypsy or an atheist. You, on the other hand, are simply being told to refrain from visiting certain places, mostly because they don’t want you to get sick and die, and also because they don’t want their other patrons to get sick and die. That’s quite different from the holocaust if you ask me.

Second of all, you are not being detained like the victims of the holocaust. In many countries, you are still allowed to go outside, buy groceries, visit a friend, go bushwalking and a myriad of other freedoms. And some places may still allow you to work.

It is definitely not like the holocaust.

And discrimination? Well, I’d hardly call it unjust or even prejudicial, which is the very very definition of discrimination.

It’s not unjust because there is sufficient medical evidence to prove that being unvaccinated holds a higher health risk. You are more at risk of dying from Covid-19, you are more at risk of ending up in hospital, and you are more at risk of catching Covid-19 and spreading it.

And it’s not prejudicial when the sole reason of you being “discriminated” against is to save your life and those around you. Yes, some people may show anger at your not being vaccinated, but that’s purely because they don’t want to see further lockdowns and rising deaths.

They’re not angry at you for being gross or indecent like I sometimes get as a gay man. They’re not averse to you for the colour of your skin, the genitals between your legs, the shape of your body, the clothes you wear, or even the colour of your hair. They just see your disinclination to get vaccinated as a possible health risk.

So I reject the idea that preventing the unvaccinated to do certain things as a form of vaccine discrimination. If anything, it’s a health and safety issue — for your sake and for others.

Now, if unvaccinated people were being arrested simply for being unvaccinated, that would be discrimination, and I wouldn’t stand for it. But, last I checked, many unvaccinated people are free to roam the streets.

In saying all this, I do not believe in vaccine mandates outside of the healthcare industry. In the end, it is our body, our choice. Some people may refuse to get vaccinated for underlying health reasons, and that’s perfectly reasonable. I do, however, suggest they consult their doctor to make sure.

And if you refuse to get vaccinated because you don’t believe in science, well, that is also your choice. But you must remember that every choice we make comes with consequences.

For the unvaccinated, those consequences could be refused entry to certain venues, or it could be spreading the virus to a loved one and killing them.

It’s your choice.

Feature image: CDC on Unsplash

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