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Can I just say you’re doing an amazing job right now! It must be painstaking work trudging through countless candidate profiles and their accompanying content, trying to find The One; the Neo to your Matrix.

Well, with that in mind, I’m making your viewing of me and my published content as easy and fruitful as possible — without all the rigmarole.

As you may have guessed, I am an exceptional writer, with added skills in interviewing, image sourcing and altering, interpersonal communication, SEO, and a desire to get things done. As they say: you can mend a draft, but you can’t mend a blank page.

My dream job is in journalism, which is clear from the published stories below!

Now, without further ado…

Here Are My 5 Greatest Published Stories

Katoomba’s Lost Rollercoaster: The Mystery of the Orphan Rocker

This was my first major feature article that I wrote for Hunter & Bligh, and it’s by far the most exclusive. I even went to Katoomba to interview locals for the story, as well as capture my own imagery for the article. If you Google “katoomba roller coaster” it will be the top hit.

Covid-19: Have We Passed The Worst Of It?

I was interested in understanding what endemic truly means and if we have passed the worst of Covid-19. My contact, Roman, is an professor in epidemiology at USYD. I knew of him through my volunteering at The Pollys Club, a long-running LGBTQ charity organisation. His remarks were short and sweet, and really painted the picture of where we are at right now.

Visas & HIV: A Silent Predicament

This is one of my most hard-hitting articles I’ve written, and also quite creative in its storytelling. I overheard a friend of mine, who was a nurse catering for HIV+ people, say that those in Australia on working holiday visas don’t get affordable access to HIV treatment. Because of this, many of them struggle. Like the guy I interviewed for this story. I especially liked using his voice to tell certain parts, as it felt more authentic than if I had written it instead.

“Gay People Take Drag For Granted”: The Influence Of Ru Paul In Australia

This piece came about after interviewing Sydney drag queen, Verushka Darling for another article titled Are Gay Venues Still Relevant. Our long interview included talk around Ru Paul, which I decided to share in this piece. It is interesting how much America has influenced Australian culture, especially when it comes to drag culture.

Do You Need A Penis To Be A Drag Queen?

It’s hard to imagine how the patriarchy has also infiltrated our drag queen scene, but it’s true. It really is a male-dominated industry. But do you really need a penis to be a drag queen? I don’t think so, and nor do the two queens I interviewed for this story — one of whom is a cisgender female…

If you think my work is amazeballs and you wish to let me know (and I haven’t sent you a resume with my contact details), please message me via the ‘Contact’ button below.

Or even if you don’t, I am happy for critique!

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