The Main Idea

The Out Outdoors is more than just a lifestyle guide and travelogue. It also reviews worldly pleasures – whether books or films; restaurants or bars; or even political issues. Sometimes The Out Outdoors resorts to fictional tales in the form of short stories. Each post can inspire you to leave the confines of your invulnerable abode and they may help you re-evaluate your thoughts, but they will definitely add wild expressions to your otherwise tame face.

Defining “out”


  1. moving or appearing to move away from a particular place, especially one that is enclosed or hidden.
  2. away from home.
  3. so as to be revealed or known.


  1. not at home or at one’s place of work.
  2. revealed or made public.
  3. (of a flower) in bloom; open.

Being out is not exclusively about sexuality or gender, but purely and simply to be open. To reveal everything there is to know about oneself. Who are you? Are you really “out” with yourself? Are you a flower in bloom or a bud in hiding? Do you want to be out? When you’re out in the outdoors, you are free to feel everything; you are free to experience everything. You are free to understand everything.

Why the dandelion?

Dandelions represent freedom, vitality and curiosity. They are the epitome of happiness and peace. Being out in the outdoors is the equivalence of plucking up a dandelion and blowing its petals into the wind.

When a dandelion petal flies away with the wind, it travels along an unknown path. It is a flying seedling, with no mind to care where it goes. But we who breathe out life into each floating dandelion petal feel joy in watching each of them drift away, hoping that someday we’ll be doing the same thing.