How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Right now, I am lockdown in my home city of Sydney, Australia. So it’s not an amazing time to write anything. When the most exciting part of your life is going grocery shopping, it’s kind of hard to feel enthusiastic about writing. Especially when misery is seen every time you leave the house. All those masks, all them harsh restrictions, all that mind-numbing boredom! And … Continue reading How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Take Yourself On A Date

It may seem weird going on a date by yourself, but that’s only because we live in a social society. We fear the label of ‘Loner’ as if it’s a terrible thing. But all those people who label others as such are controlled by that fear themselves. Or they don’t love themselves enough. They require constant affection from others to feel good. So I implore … Continue reading Take Yourself On A Date

Resurfacing from stress water surface float

Meditation Is Simply Not Thinking

What comes to mind when I say the word meditation? Monks? The word ‘om’? Most of us would conjure up the image of someone sitting cross-legged while pinching their fingers. But meditation is simpler than that. And no, you don’t have to sit cross-legged to experience the benefits. As someone who’s dealt with anxiety thanks to a rampant mind, I know all too well the … Continue reading Meditation Is Simply Not Thinking

Quote about life. Image by Thought Catalog via Unsplash

10 Short Quotes To Enhance Your Life

A good quote is short, snappy, and straight to the point. It never waffles, it just delivers the punch with gusto. And, like every good sentence, they make you understand. In essence, quotes are like friends. They are there when you need them, ready to offer their wisdom. They know how you feel, because the person who wrote that quote has been through it. They … Continue reading 10 Short Quotes To Enhance Your Life

African girl standing out in confetti. Image: Brian Kyed via Unsplash

Matter Over Mind: An Unconventional Approach To Being Happy

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here: your mind is not an all-seeing god. It can produce misinformation quicker than a QAnon quack – and, if you’re not observant enough, you’ll believe it. So, sometimes you need to look at the matter before you make up your mind. As a writer, one of the greatest pieces of misinformation I deal with is … Continue reading Matter Over Mind: An Unconventional Approach To Being Happy

Pleasured. Image: Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

How To Have Sex Safely During Covid

While abstinence is by far the best way to avoid viral infections, let’s face it: a pandemic doesn’t dampen the libido. If it did, we’d have refrained from sex during the HIV epidemic. And while a mutual jerk-off sounds like great advice, we all know that another person’s hand (or mouth) is better. So, rather than waste time telling you to suppress your carnal appetites, … Continue reading How To Have Sex Safely During Covid

Commuters wearing mask on train. Image: Davyn Ben via Unsplash

2020’s Greatest Lesson We’ve Yet To Learn

Thirty-three years ago, Former President Ronald Reagan pondered optimistically on how an alien invasion would unite the world. Unfortunately, rather than tackling his central theme, we launched conspiracy theories about possible alien invasions – clearly missing the point. “And yet,” he continued, “I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples … Continue reading 2020’s Greatest Lesson We’ve Yet To Learn

Living life. Image: Alex Alvarez on Unsplash

The One Thing You Must Do Before 30

When it comes to life, there’s no greater cause for alarm than the act of turning 30. Society has built up an ongoing ideal that you have to do everything before your 30, and that’s not entirely true for everyone. Indeed, many of you will have worked towards a career or strived to get married and have children, or even gone on a working holiday … Continue reading The One Thing You Must Do Before 30

Banana in chains. Image: Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

PrEP Is Killing My Sex Life

So there I was, chatting to this gorgeous hunk of a man on Grindr. We had swapped pics and personal preferences and I was keen for action. In fact, I could wrestle in bed with him till dawn and it was only 9pm! And then he asks… “Do you take PrEP?” “No, I prefer condoms,” I reply. “Oh, I’m on PrEP. Is that okay?” “Yeah, … Continue reading PrEP Is Killing My Sex Life

Finding yourself. Image: Domingo Alvarez via Unsplash

Labels Are For Humans, Too

You’ve heard the saying… “Labels are for clothes, not for humans.” As if we don’t require categorisation. But I somewhat disagree because, without categorisation, how do we fit into this wide and wavering world? It’d just be a cliche sea of plain white clothes, mingling without any navigational points. You see, we require labels, not just to shape our own identity, but to showcase to … Continue reading Labels Are For Humans, Too

Overcoming loneliness

Overcoming Loneliness In A Pandemic

Let’s face it, this pandemic has dampened our social lives. Is it just me, or are the days just blending together? It seems that all we have at the moment is work and home, home and work. And it feels so polarising. We have to suffer from finding connections through the virtual world, with our friends and family. And when we do meet up in … Continue reading Overcoming Loneliness In A Pandemic