Aboriginal Invasion Day Reconciliation

Australia, Are We Really Reconciling?

We’ve started Reconciliation Week with a bang! And not the good kind… Anglo-Australian multinational corporation Rio Tinto has destroyed a 46,000-year-old sacred Aboriginal site in Western Australia this week. To be precise, they detonated charges to loosen up land that was situated “11 metres away” from two deep rock shelters. And these shelters housed priceless artefacts that shared a personal history of an ancient civilisation. … Continue reading Australia, Are We Really Reconciling?


I Don’t Wanna Write For The Money

Money makes you think too much. It distracts you from what really matters. That elusive insight. And look, a paycheck is wonderful. Money for an upcoming holiday. Flashy new clothes. The rent. But that’s all superficial. And writing is anything but. I like to write for the reaction. I’m one of those weird people who will look at everyone else when the joke is finalised. … Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Write For The Money

Conspiracy mask guy fawkes

Why Conspiracy Theories Are Thriving In The Digital Age

We don’t read what we share.  For so long I’ve wondered why I’ve been so resilient about the media industry. And then it hit me: Meme culture is to blame. We treat media posts like a meme, reading the headline and thinking “oh, that sounds right”. It fits in with our mental niche and then we share it, disregarding the meaty plot that lies within. … Continue reading Why Conspiracy Theories Are Thriving In The Digital Age

The Candle

Craig strikes the match and feels the radiating warmth as it sizzles into a perfect singular flame. He meticulously pinches the end of the stick, as if the entire universe lays within it. His mind swims through delicate memories of yesteryear while the match burns long enough to singe his fingertips and flit to the floor. He strikes another and summons strength. The flame touches … Continue reading The Candle

Fine Kettle Of Fish

Mark sat at the bar studying the crowd of fellow ex-students pushing 30. Most of them were aiming to be mistaken for their hopes and dreams. The rest didn’t care. Mark wondered how well his own life choices were represented. How do you show off a successful writing career? Perhaps Mark should have worn a suit jacket with elbow patches. His left hand caressed a … Continue reading Fine Kettle Of Fish

Book Review: Killing Commendatore

How do you write a plot when the main character has lost the plot? The answer is as you would expect. Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore starts off with a lost plot. The main character, a 36-year-old portrait painter with artist’s block (who remains mysteriously unnamed), begins his story with the unexpected separation from his wife, whom he suspects is sleeping with another man. Following a long … Continue reading Book Review: Killing Commendatore

Timeless Book Review: The Writing Class by Jincy Willett (2008)

Imagine PG Wodehouse and Agatha Christie working collaboratively in mid-2005 on a comical crime mystery novel that involved an eccentric yet polarising group of characters and a structured yet outlandish plot. It sounds bonkers, but that’s the best way to describe The Writing Class by Jincy Willett. Here’s the brief: Amy Gallup, a washed-up novelist and reclusive widow, starts another semester teaching various humans how … Continue reading Timeless Book Review: The Writing Class by Jincy Willett (2008)

Australia Needs Freedom From Religion Too

Considering nearly a third of Australians don’t believe in God, you’d think the current debate around religious freedom would include the freedom from religion, too.

It doesn’t.

The success of the same-sex marriage postal survey really was a slippery slope. But it wasn’t towards bestiality or transgender people doing more than urinating in their preferred bathroom – it was actually towards a contentious religious freedom debate. More specifically into how it should be exercised inside Australia’s religious and non-religious institutions. But there needs to be an advocacy for freedom from religion, too. Pious fanatics are going too far and forgetting their true values, while the rest of their faith take on progressive attitudes. Also, with atheism being our largest religion in Australia (if you don’t group all the Christian factions together as one), freedom from religion is obligatory.

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The Grindr Fling

PSA: This story contains coarse language and adult themes. Viewer discretion advised.

Wed., Jan. 3

Hey u!

Hey, how are you?

Im well, n u?

I’m good
(I’m actually a little indifferent, but whatever.)

What u doin?
(Are you masturbating? It would help me reach my goal quicker…)

Not much, just playing a game
(I’m playing Grand Theft Auto IV for the third time round. Which explains why I haven’t moved out of my parents house even though I’m 20.)

What you doing up this late?
(I got bored of GTA. Also, are you expecting me to hold this conversation?)

Im a bit toey
(I think “toey” sounds less frank than “horny”. Just playing my cards right…)

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