Imperial Erskineville Australia gay venue

Are Gay Venues Still Relevant?

Ask any elderly gay man about Sydney’s gay scene today and they’ll tell you it’s not as big as it used to be. You’d hear about grand drag shows at Capriccios and the fabulousness of Patchs. If you walk down Oxford Street today, you will find only a few longstanding legends like Stonewall Hotel and The Shift (formerly Midnight Shift), with many clubs remaining a … Continue reading Are Gay Venues Still Relevant?

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5 Queer Films That Changed My Views On Being Gay

Growing up, I’ve watched plenty of queer films that helped solidify the truth about being gay; that it is as normal as the air we breathe. As I’ve said before: queer representation in film is vital for gaining queer acceptance. In fact, any normal representation of a marginalised community is vital for gaining acceptance. But, some of my favourite queer films dug deeper, showcasing profound … Continue reading 5 Queer Films That Changed My Views On Being Gay

Gay men naughty bananas. Deon Black on Unsplash

Disused Gay Terms That Are Hilariously Wrong

Disclaimer: very sexual and slightly derogatory I’ve never been a fan of the term “pillow biter”, mostly because I’m a top. I prefer to penetrate than be penetrated, if you catch my drift; so biting pillows is not something I would need to do. Of course, biting pillows was important in the past to hide a homosexual act. Bite a pillow to stop moaning, so … Continue reading Disused Gay Terms That Are Hilariously Wrong

Gay Conversion Therapy Is Not “Therapy”

Nor is it “conversion” for that matter… Therapy, n. (Theh-ru-pee)Meaning: treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. As an openly gay man, it’s impossible to consider my sexuality as a disorder. I’m clearly not confused since I made my mind up years ago. And being gay can’t be an illness if it doesn’t adversely affect me — or others, providing the sex is consensual … Continue reading Gay Conversion Therapy Is Not “Therapy”

People hugging. Image: Helena Lopes via Unsplash

3 Things I Want To Do When This Pandemic Ends

When you live in a country that has flipped between hard lockdowns and freedom, it’s quite easy to get sentimental. Possibly angry, too. Currently, I’m in lockdown in Sydney, Australia due to a virulent strain of Covid-19 — which truly sucks considering we were going so well. We could dance in nightclubs, dine in at restaurants, and have sex with irregular partners. But here we … Continue reading 3 Things I Want To Do When This Pandemic Ends

Sexy fruit threesome, threesomes. Image: Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Sexual Fluidity Is Not A Choice

Even fluid states do not choose to be fluid. Most of us experience sexual fluidity at least once in our lives. For some, it lasts years; for others, it’s a temporal moment of confusion. And all are exacerbated by societal norms. Yes, even I fell for the idea that being straight is normal. But nothing really is normal. It’s just accepted. Unfortunately, the ongoing idea … Continue reading Sexual Fluidity Is Not A Choice

A Drag Queen’s Perspective On Gender

To be blunt, I class myself as a male. But, in certain circumstances, I can embody the female form. And when I’m in that form, I prefer to be referred to as a lady. I can do this because I have characterised myself into the opposite gender. And this should help explain the various genders that are out there – including nonbinary. You see, when … Continue reading A Drag Queen’s Perspective On Gender

Female and male. Trans Women are not Men. Image Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Why Trans Women Are Not Men

Before trans women transition, it’s fair to say that they exhibited male characteristics. They likely didn’t identify as male then, but they had the generic male working parts. So, the question is, at what point do they stop being men on a biological level? Despite the fact that it’s not really anybody’s business to know, trans rights are going to continually be judged if we … Continue reading Why Trans Women Are Not Men


I Am More Than Just A Gay

The downside to identity politics. Did you hear about the latest trend? Apparently it’s considered high fashion to establish your own collective identity. Indeed, I’m not talking about all the little things that make us unique, but all the supposedly pertinent identities that separate us into groups. Most prominently around gender, sex and sexuality. To use an example, I would be considered a cisgender gay … Continue reading I Am More Than Just A Gay