Australia Needs Freedom From Religion Too

Considering nearly a third of Australians don’t believe in God, you’d think the current debate around religious freedom would include the freedom from religion, too.

It doesn’t.

The success of the same-sex marriage postal survey really was a slippery slope. But it wasn’t towards bestiality or transgender people doing more than urinating in their preferred bathroom – it was actually towards a contentious religious freedom debate. More specifically into how it should be exercised inside Australia’s religious and non-religious institutions. But there needs to be an advocacy for freedom from religion, too. Pious fanatics are going too far and forgetting their true values, while the rest of their faith take on progressive attitudes. Also, with atheism being our largest religion in Australia (if you don’t group all the Christian factions together as one), freedom from religion is obligatory.

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Cherry Pork Gyoza

Ayesha looked up to see two customers struggling with the tightly sprung gauze door. It’s always a funny sight. One guy wore a blue straw fedora, a short-sleeve Hawaiian shirt and light blue shorts; the other was dressed in tobacco-coloured chinos, a white t-shirt and a grey blazer. And if they did not control the door after they entered, it would —


She dropped her gaze back to the gyoza between her hands and finished pinching it before she placed it onto the nearby tray. Why did ma open Kuu & Ikiru in this neighbourhood? Ayesha thought.

“Sorry,” one of the men said. A hushed whisper. Her lips held back a smirk as she wiped her hands on the nearby tea towel. She raised her head, rose from the chair and produced a smile.

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