Gay, gay and gay. Image: Quino Al via Unsplash

Some Gay People Are Really Gay

When it comes to the media representation of gay people, we seem to prefer the non-limp wristed type. Whether it’s the normal everyday gay who’s not a screaming queen or the “straight-acting” gay. But we seem to forget that some gay people are actually gay. Like really girly and feminine. Are we just going to ignore this every time a James Corden jumps on-screen to … Continue reading Some Gay People Are Really Gay

Pride. Image: Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

Sometimes It Is Easier Being Gay

Apart from the rigmarole of coming out to every person you meet and answering ignorant questions, sometimes it is easier being gay. For one, we don’t have to deal with the patriarchy that still permeates modern society. Men know what men want, and women know what women want. There’s no separation of the sexes. Which, on some level, makes finding sex so much easier. I … Continue reading Sometimes It Is Easier Being Gay