I Am More Than Just A Gay

The downside to identity politics. Did you hear about the latest trend? Apparently it’s considered high fashion to establish your own collective identity. Indeed, I’m not talking about all the little things that make us unique, but all the supposedly pertinent identities that separate us into groups. Most prominently around gender, sex and sexuality. To use an example, I would be considered a cisgender gay … Continue reading I Am More Than Just A Gay

Gay, gay and gay. Image: Quino Al via Unsplash

Some Gay People Are Really Gay

When it comes to the media representation of gay people, we seem to prefer the non-limp wristed type. Whether it’s the normal everyday gay who’s not a screaming queen or the “straight-acting” gay. But we seem to forget that some gay people are actually gay. Like really girly and feminine. Are we just going to ignore this every time a James Corden jumps on-screen to … Continue reading Some Gay People Are Really Gay

Gay love. Image: Christian Buehner on Unsplash

3 Gay Memoirs You Must Read

Most listicles like this are filled with books that the author hasn’t read. But I can assure you that I have read each of these gay memoirs from start to finish and loved them immensely. They are exquisite narratives that reach deep into the heart of queer life. The best part about these gay memoirs is how they challenge the current queer literary landscape, revealing … Continue reading 3 Gay Memoirs You Must Read

Two African women kissing. Image: Juliette F on Unsplash

The Queer Community Should Stand With Black Lives Matter

Have you ever wondered why the queer community isn’t whining about Black Lives Matter taking over Pride Month? The fact is, we’ve already got so much awareness about LGBTQI+ life. And much of the systematic injustices over being gay or differently gendered in the western world have been removed or overturned. There’s still a long way to go, of course – especially in anti-gay countries … Continue reading The Queer Community Should Stand With Black Lives Matter