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The Gay And Straight Monthly Book Brag: October 2021

Ah October. It’s the month of spooks and high strangeness. And I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for my three book recommendations! The simple idea of this monthly book brag is to help people, wherever they are on the sexuality spectrum, gain fresh perspectives. Not just on normalising the different sexualities, but on all the other weird and wonderful things that make life … Continue reading The Gay And Straight Monthly Book Brag: October 2021

Top Reading Spots: Sydney

If your home desk has become too trite, perhaps it’s high time to find a reading spot outside.  Sometimes even a café doesn’t cut it; the noise, the clattering sounds of cutlery on plates and the scraping of chair legs upon hardwood floors are just not ideal for immersive reading (nor if you’re attempting to study a banal textbook). Which means the only option is … Continue reading Top Reading Spots: Sydney