Religious freedom. Image: Jomarc Cala via Unsplash

Religious Freedom: Drawing The Line At Idle Threats

I’m all too happy with going to hell. At least I’ll be with my own kind. And hey, I won’t have to deal with religious zealots who keep telling me I’ll go to hell for being gay – all while they claim religious freedom; as if that’s gonna help. I mean, it was either renounce my sexuality or go to hell; and since I can’t … Continue reading Religious Freedom: Drawing The Line At Idle Threats

Australia Needs Freedom From Religion Too

Considering nearly a third of Australians don’t believe in God, you’d think the current debate around religious freedom would include the freedom from religion, too.

It doesn’t.

The success of the same-sex marriage postal survey really was a slippery slope. But it wasn’t towards bestiality or transgender people doing more than urinating in their preferred bathroom – it was actually towards a contentious religious freedom debate. More specifically into how it should be exercised inside Australia’s religious and non-religious institutions. But there needs to be an advocacy for freedom from religion, too. Pious fanatics are going too far and forgetting their true values, while the rest of their faith take on progressive attitudes. Also, with atheism being our largest religion in Australia (if you don’t group all the Christian factions together as one), freedom from religion is obligatory.

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