Take Yourself On A Date

It may seem weird going on a date by yourself, but that’s only because we live in a social society. We fear the label of ‘Loner’ as if it’s a terrible thing. But all those people who label others as such are controlled by that fear themselves. Or they don’t love themselves enough. They require constant affection from others to feel good. So I implore … Continue reading Take Yourself On A Date

African girl standing out in confetti. Image: Brian Kyed via Unsplash

Want To Belong? Then Stand Out!

As a writer, I can’t do what everyone else is doing. Not only is it plagiarism, but it’s also practically impossible since everyone writes in a smorgasbord of different styles, voices and forms. Further, if I was to write what everyone else is writing about, then I won’t succeed either. Nobody wins by following the crowd. Which means, for me to be the best at … Continue reading Want To Belong? Then Stand Out!

Taking the day off. Image: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Take The Day Off

You’re drowning. At least it feels like you are. The world is closing in and your agitated mind worries about falling short. About not doing enough. But don’t believe your own lies. Because somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind you know you’ve done enough. Perhaps even more than you should. You’ve progressed, made it further than you were yesterday, or last week, or … Continue reading Take The Day Off