Born To Fight: Karise Eden Finds Herself In New Album

She has the voice of Amy Winehouse matched with the chilling roughness of Janis Joplin, but it’s what brews within Karise Eden’s soul that makes her one of Australia’s greatest rhythm and blues singers.

Born To Fight doesn’t disappoint; it’s filled with the flair you’d expect from an up and coming singer, especially one that possesses a distinctive voice. Karise Eden shares a side of herself that we haven’t seen. A bold self. The first three songs come across as rock ballads, which is a different take from what her fans would usually expect. There’s a power in a woman – especially a young woman – who freely swears in a song. Most times swearing is an unnecessary extra, but not here. Whoever is fucking with her head really needs to stop, lest they face the wrath.

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