The Resume of Christopher Kelly

Digital Journalist

Creative Writer

Cultured Gay

Are you looking for an expert writer? Well, you can call off the search! I have arrived, ready to showcase my talent. Not only do I have the skills, I even harness a tenacious mindset to get it done right. In fact, by the end of this resume, you’ll wish I was already working for you.

My Skills & Experiences

Engaging Storytelling

When it comes to making stories pop, it’s more than just fancy words and concise grammar. A story needs to be engaging – brimming with passion and detail – to draw the reader in and make them feel at home. This is a skill that I readily posses. Whether it’s a candid approach to sexual health, a personal gay exploration or a melodramatic opinion piece, the following articles and essays prove my skills as an engaging writer:
+What I Love About Being Gay
+6 Sexual Health Facts Every Straight Person Should Know
+Why Are Gay Men Still Shallow?
+Take The Day Off

Masterful Interviewer

I have the ability to build quick rapport with anyone I interview, allowing them to share anecdotes that really resonate within the story. And, more than that, I know how to ask the right questions to bring out the best answers. As a skilled interviewer, I’ve plucked out some evocative and richly detailed stories, one of which includes recorded anecdotes within the online article:
+Visas & HIV: A Silent Predicament
+3 New South Wales Wine Regions You’ve Likely Never Heard Of
+Sydney’s Changing Nightlife: Kings & Drag Queens
+The Art Of Being A Drag Queen

SEO Tactics

Writing great stories is one thing, getting them listed at the top of Google is whole other ballgame. All my articles below have taken out the top spot on Google, which you can verify with their most popular search phrases:
+8 Hobart Bars You Have To Visit
(“Hobart Bars”)
+10 Best Bars In Sydney’s Inner West
(“Inner West Bars”)
+Hobart To Cradle Mountain: The Ultimate Road Trip Planner
(“Hobart to Cradle Mountain”)
+Katoomba’s Lost Roller Coaster: The Mystery of the Orphan Rocker
(“Katoomba Roller Coaster”)

Interpersonal Skills

As well as building friendly rapports with interviewees, I’ve also achieved this with PR contacts. From setting up product/venue reviews to organising samples for article inclusions, they are vital to journalism. Interpersonal skills require both candidness and perseverance, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines:
+Citadines Connect Sydney Airport: Hotel Review
+Flying Fish: Review
+(NSFW) The Birdcage, Sydney: Rock ‘n’ Roll Follies Review
+The 10 Best Low Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Australian Beers 2021

My Flourishing Career

Content Writer
Hunter & Bligh


I started with Hunter & Bligh as an unpaid intern, which grew into permanent paid work. The website had just launched when I joined and, since then, their success is going strong. The opportunities that I’ve acquired through their expansion are exceptional – from a growing list of amazing PR contacts to the most lavish event invites and reviews. It has been a pleasure to work here.

Corporate Waiter
Nosh Hospitality

2014 – present

Nosh Hospitality is a staffing agency where I’ve worked in various hospitality roles – most notably of the corporate variety. I’ve done boardroom waitering in 3 of the 4 major banks in Sydney, served the current prime minister twice, and even managed to continue with them during this pandemic. Indeed, this is shift work, which was perfectly flexible for my university degree (see below/right) and my permanent role at Hunter & Bligh.

Content Writer
The Gay Straight-Talker

2019 – present

While writing for Hunter & Bligh, I grew interested in the topics of sexuality, gender, and living your best life. Alas, The Gay Straight-Talker was born. I’ve developed my own personal writing voice thanks to this blog, and I’ve generated income while building a decent following through my Medium account of the same name. Medium is an American-based blogging platform.

Bachelor of Communications
Western Sydney University

2015 – 2017

My university degree was definitely not a plain journey. During my degree, I was student reporter at the Walkley Awards Storyology event, did a week-long stint with Fairfax News in Western Sydney, and I even went to Nepal to practice journalism in the field through the Australia’s New Colombo Plan initiative. I accomplished all this while plain-sailing on distinction with an overall GPA of 5.8. A full academic transcript is available on request.

I’m ready when you are!