Friends. Image: Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Three Things I Miss Most During This Pandemic

I finally know what mandatory quarantine feels like. I had taken a test for COVID-19 last Friday and my negative result didn’t come back until Monday. Which meant I was stuck at home all weekend.

Of course, I wouldn’t call it my lowest point since the global outbreak began; in fact, my writing productivity went up thanks to it. But between all the writing, reading and the longing glances of the outside world, it made me realise how much I took the idea of going out for granted.

And then it got me thinking about all the things I miss. Like being able to travel anywhere, the weird collective feeling of a packed room and listening to an uneventful news bulletin. Or at least a news bulletin that doesn’t mention a deadly virus.

But they’re all superficial things compared to what I miss most right now…

I Miss Properly Greeting People

I’m a bona fide hugger and I dish out desperate housewife air kisses like a pro. But not anymore. We can’t even handshake let alone clasp each other in a warm embrace.

And considering how awful this outbreak has become, we all need a hug right now. I need a hug. And as much as I want to just say “fuck it” and do it anyway, it won’t feel as normal. The fear will linger in the back of my mind. I mean, I don’t care so much if I catch the virus, but I do care if I give it to others. Especially those who may not fare well from it.

But the kicker in all this is the alternatives. Is playing footsie really a nice way to say hello? To me, it seems so insensitive. And bumping elbows? That feels rude and pointless. Even though I know we’re doing it to stop a virus, it just doesn’t come across that way.

And honestly, nothing beats a heartfelt hug or a loyal handshake.

I Miss My Family

I currently share with a housemate in Sydney’s Inner West, while my family live in the hotspots of Sydney’s Outer West. And because I’m still working in hospitality, I can’t go and see them right now unless I don’t mind losing work.

Even before these current outbreaks – when it was still okay to hang out with your loved ones – visiting family wasn’t as relaxed. There was a foreboding feeling in the air. And some of the family discussions were bleak and miserable.

I’m anxiously waiting for the day when I can simply go down and visit them. Where the atmosphere will be lively and joy will permeate. It will be beautiful…

And I Miss Casual Sex

I don’t miss the pleasure nor the climax, but I do miss the intimacy of it all. I especially miss the journey – from the naughty talk on Grindr to the first meeting. And I miss the caressing, the skin-to-skin contact and the usual cuddles afterwards.

You don’t realise how powerful casual sex can be until a pandemic comes along.

What do you miss most right now? Let me know with a comment below! And don’t forget to follow me on socials for more…

Feature image: Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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